Your Perfect Employee Benefits and Wellbeing Solution

Elevate your people’s mental, physical and financial wellbeing

With our trusted partner, Vivup, we can help your business stand out as an employer of choice. Vivup’s all-encompassing employee wellbeing and benefits solution provides you with the tools you need to build a resilient and engaged workforce while helping you to retain and attract great employees.

Benefits to your Business

  • Reduce employee absenteeism levels with an excellent mental health provision and strategy
  • Get people back into work quickly with access to an Online GP
  • Build a happy, productive workplace and boost employee engagement and motivation
  • Help your staff with the cost of living at times throughout the year
  • Recruit the best talent and improve employee retention
  • Increase organisational savings
  • Reduce the carbon footprint for your business and employees and support green initiatives
  • Maximise productivity for all staff, not just hybrid and remote workers

Benefits to your Employees

  • Help with wellbeing and mental health support with a 24/7 employee assistance programme
  • Reduce your people’s everyday expenses across over 850 Lifestyle Savings and discounts
  • Enable physical support with access to discounted gym membership and Cycle to Work benefit
  • Cash back on medical and prescriptive costs
  • Cycle savings to promote physical wellbeing
  • Brand-new, insured, and maintained cars for a fixed monthly amount
  • Ongoing acknowledgment via real-time recognition and rewards
  • Boost loyalty by feeling recognised and supported by you, their employer
  • 1. Vivup setup bespoke platform and help with administration
  • 2. Employer and/or employees sent welcome emails by Vivup
  • 3. Employees access and use their wide range of benefits

Who are Vivup?

  • UK’s leading employee benefits and wellbeing provider
  • All encompassing affordable solutions
  • We drive employee engagement, productivity, wellbeing and boost loyalty
  • We currently deliver health and wellbeing benefits to 850+ public and private sector businesses and +2 million UK employees

Why are employee benefits so important?

  • Great way to help your staff stretch their salary a little further
  • Provide an alternative pay rise
  • Help drive productivity and therefore your bottom line
  • Boost morale and wellbeing
  • Enhances you as an employer of choice