Welcome to Currys Business Credit Account

When running your own business, we understanding having access to business credit is essential to keep your business flowing.
At Currys Business we have teamed up with TreviPay, a global trade credit provider, to offer the Currys Business Credit Account, allowing you to expand your purchasing power with a dedicated credit line, 30 days interest free and online portal to manage your Account.

Why apply for Credit? How to apply? FAQs

Benefits of the Business Credit Account

Instant Credit Decision

Application is quick and easy to complete and typically you should get a decision in minutes (subject to the requested credit limit).

Flexible Credit Lines

Request your credit limit from £1k to £m’s, with options to increase throughout the life time of the account.

30-day pay delay

You’ve got 30 days to pay, no interest added, with consolidated invoices sent after despatch.

No set up or annual fees

Opening an account is free, plus with no interest or annual fees, there’s no additional cost to your business.

Easy Account Set Up

Once accepted the simple account set up means your up and running in no time, with the option to add multiple buyers from your business.

Account Portal

Self serve through the Online account portal allowing you manage your account and keeping you in control of your business spend.

How does it work?

When you apply for Currys Business Credit Account, you will be asked to first register for a Currys account, which will require you to set a password, once this is complete you can proceed to the credit application journey, which is hosted by our credit provider TreviPay. During the application you will be asked to request a credit limit, which may require you to upload documentation as part of the application. We suggest you check you have all relevant documentation detailed under "How to apply" accessible prior to starting the application.

Who can apply?

Businesses of all sizes, including charities, local authorise and education are eligibility to apply for a Currys Business Credit Account, sole traders will be asked to provide additional personal information in addition to their business information.

Eligibility Criteria

  • your business will have been trading for 12 months or more.
  • the business or business owner has not be subject to bankruptcy proceedings within the past 7 years or have an unsatisfied county court judgement.

Apply online now, and shop later!

When you apply for a Currys Business Credit Account, you will be asked to register for or link to your Currys Business Account.
Once this is complete you can continue to the credit application journey, which is hosted by TreviPay, our credit provider, where you can chose your credit limit.
Please check below, as you may need to upload documentation, please have this accessible prior to starting the application.

We suggest you check you have all relevant documentation below accessible prior to starting the application.

Credit Limit Required Documentation
Up to £100k

No documentation required at application stage

YTD interim accounts may also be required, which will be advised during the application journey

>£100k - £249k Account and Business Tax Return – last fiscal year end
>£250k - £999k

Account and Business Tax Return – last 2 fiscal year end


Last 2 years audited accounts

YTD interim accounts maybe also be required, which will be advised during the application journey

Step 1

Register for a Currys Business Account, set up your Password

Step 2

Apply for a Business Credit Account, this will be through our credit provider TreviPay

Step 3

An email will be sent to you directly with the decision and next steps

Step 4

If successful follow the authentication steps and set up your Credit Account


You are now all set to spend, return to the Currys Business website and sign into your Business Account

Opening an account is quick and easy, you can check out you’re eligible here and then you’ll first need to register for a Currys Business Account here once signed up you’ll see the link to apply for credit, if the link doesn’t appear, simply click the Sign in at the top of the screen which will take you to your Currys Business account, click the credit tab and apply from there. Answer the application questions, submit and await the response, it really is that quick. Please check out the business credit area here to find out more details.

Over the course of the next few weeks you should receive an invite to apply for the New Currys Business credit account as we will be closing all existing Currys credit accounts by 30th November 2022, so if you’ve not got a new credit account, after the end of September you’ll no longer be able to use credit to purchase from Currys Business. If you don’t want to wait for an invite, simply go to the sign in and if you account is already registered online you can then click the credit tab and apply for there. If you’re not registered online, please register and link your existing Currys account, you can find your 7 digit account number on any of your invoices or speak to your local business account manager in store. Once linked, click the business credit tab and apply.

Anyone with a Currys Business account can apply for a credit account, you will first need to check you’re eligible here and then sign in to your account, if you’ve never linked your Business Account online, please do so now and then you can apply through the credit tab.

Depending upon your business type and the amount of credit you wish to apply for the questions may differ. Please check the Eligibility Criteria and if you will be required to upload any documents, before you proceed with the application.

All businesses who’ve been trading for 12 months or more are eligible to apply for credit, - ie; Sole traders, limited companies, PLCs, public sector or charities. To apply for credit you will need to be authorised by your company, typically this will be the owner, company secretary etc, please check you’ve permission to open a credit account before applying.

At the end of the application you will submit it for TreviPay to make their decision. They will email you directly, please watch out for emails from “Currys Business Credit Account Support [email protected]”, to confirm your application has been received and a subsequent email with the decision or a request for further information. If you don’t receive these emails, please check or junk/spam folders. If you still have no email communication please contact [email protected]

Your Business Credit Account can be used to purchase goods and services in any Currys store which has a Business Hub with dedicated business experts on hand to advise and help you purchase. (Please click here to locate your nearest hub). You can also shop online, plus if you’re wanting some advice, check out ShopLive, your virtual link to one of our business experts, or by phone where our Specialist team are awaiting your call.

Your Business Credit Account is flexible and available for use in all our channels. Over the phone, our Specialist team are available to listen and guide you through your purchase or pop to one of our Business Hub stores, where our Business Experts are on hand to help or if you know what you want order today and use your credit account at checkout.

Once your Currys Business Account is set up online you can apply for credit. You can log into your Currys Business Account and view in the Business Credit tab if you’re set up with a credit account and also see your credit limit. When you have a credit account all set up, you will be able to chose Business Credit at checkout and proceed with your purchase.

Of course the choice is yours as to how you want to pay for your orders, you may not always want to add the order to your account, if that’s the case you can choose at Checkout which payment method you’re wanting to use for each order. Please note we are currently unable to take mixed payments for an order, so the total order value will need to be paid for using your chosen method.

Once you’ve been accepted and set up your Business Credit Account, you will then be able to personalise it to your requirements. Log into your Business Credit Account [here] and from the dashboard you can invite users, these users can have different permission based upon their job role with you, ie you can grant them purchasing rights, with a credit limit allocated to them, enable them to just pay the invoices etc. Its important to remember that anyone you invite to purchase on your Business Credit Account, must first register for the Currys Business Account and linking to your main account so we can match their records to the credit limit you’ve allocated them and allow them to purchase. Please click here to access the registration/link page.

At the end of December 2022, we will be removing our in house credit facility, so in order to continue benefiting from a Business Credit Account, you will need to apply for the new Business Credit Account with the 3rd party, TreviPay. All existing credit account customers will receive an invite to apply for the new Business Credit Account over the next few weeks.

For any orders placed on your existing Business Credit account upto moving over to the new Business Credit Account. Curry Business will invoice you and you will need to make payment to Currys Business, by following the instructions on the invoice. When you start to make payments using your new Business Credit Account, you will receive invoices from “Currys Business Credit Account Support [email protected]” and these are also available on your Account Portal.

As the Business Credit Account is now through a 3rd party, we still need you to have a Business Account with Currys in order to make all purchases with us by any payment method - Credit, Card or BACS. You can easily log on to your Business Credit Account through the Business Account area, by clicking the Business Credit Tab, alternatively you can log on to your Business Credit Account here.

When you open a Business Credit Account with Trevipay, they will provide you directly with your invoice by email and via the online portal. Payment should be made directly to them by BACS or CHAPS using the bank details on the invoice accompanied by a Remittance advice.

Trevipay are unable to accept cheque or card payments. If you need to discuss this with them please contact them by email [email protected]

Yes, no problem at all, invoices can be settled at anytime upto the Due Date which can be found on your invoice email and invoice. Just log into your account here to review your outstanding balance and you can choose to pay an invoice or multiple invoices, just remember to quote the invoice number to ensure your payment can be quickly and easily allocated to your account.