Enterprise Purchasing Solutions from Currys Business

Currys Business offers a range of technical solutions to allow organisations to more easily integrate directly with our product range, pricing and purchasing system. If your organisation wishes to find out more, or discuss any of these options below, please get in touch with us using the Enquiry Form below or by speaking with any of our colleagues in our store based Business Hubs or our UK Business Contact Centre.

Custom Catalogues

Working with your account manager, we can provide you with regular data feeds of item price, stock and key product data at regular intervals. This allows you to ensure your teams only buy approved items and reduces Maverick spend.

Order Upload

Many of our existing business customers supply our products directly to their end users each with their own delivery address. Our Order Upload system allows you to upload a simple CSV file directly to the site, which in turn will process an individual order for each despatch address. Thousands of order lines can be uploaded in a single file, saving substantial manual order entry or re-keying of orders. This solution can be enabled for any of the buyers within your organisation.


Our website supports standard cXML punchout to link directly into existing enterprise level procurement systems. If your company uses such a system (e.g. Coupa), we would be happy to enable this for your purchasing team.

Bespoke cXML Solutions

Our Currys Business development teams work with our customers to integrate directly with their existing procurement systems. Whilst similar to Punchout, custom development may need to be undertaken which we would be happy to work with you on, subject to minimum order expectations. We can discuss your system requirements and needs if you would like to get in touch using our Enquiry Form or contact number.


Our API provides a simple-to-integrate method of interacting with our product catalogue from browsing and searching our range, right through to purchasing and order tracking. The returned results will be based upon the defined catalogue agreed with your Currys Business account manager. Delivery times for kitchen appliances and large TVs can also be selected and booked using this method. Full documentation is available for your review on request.