Buyer's guide to Commercial TVs

With a host of other top sporting events taking place over the coming months, there has never been a better time to invest in a commercial TV. Whether you're looking to show live sport in your pub or restaurant, stream news in your office reception, or offer the latest music channels to members of your gym, you'll need to look at one of the wide range of commercial TVs currently on the market.

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Hard-working viewing

Commercial televisions are designed to be ceiling or wall mounted, will work in portrait as well as landscape format, show crystal clear images and will cope with the fastest live action. They also perform exceptionally well in bright light conditions, and they allow the maximum number of people to get the best view of the action, no matter where they are in the room. Crucially, commercial TVs also include extra cooling features that guarantee they can cope with 24/7 viewing.

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All the action guaranteed

If you use a conventional TV 24/7 in your business, it is more likely to experience a fault, as they are not designed to manage the heat that builds up during constant usage. If this happens, any guarantee for a conventional TV that is being used in a commercial environment will be invalid. Commercial TVs often include a three-year guarantee and this will cover the device in constant use 24/7 – in both landscape and portrait installations.

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Well connected

Commercial TVs are designed to work with many different types of network connections and media playing devices, including PC inputs, serial ports, VGA inputs and traditional RCA and cable inputs. They also work with RS-232 inputs, which allow two-way communication between the screen and the sending device.

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Bigger and Brighter

Large screen TVs come in a range of sizes and are able to display images in high definition, and produce exceptionally sharp pictures, so all the action is shown in pristine detail. And with one of the latest curved screens, the viewing angles are increased so more people can enjoy the action.

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Smarter TV

The latest commercial TVs also allow you to access more than just live action. Smart TVs connected to the internet give you access to on-demand services such as catch-up TV, film channels and internet applications such as weather, news and sports headlines. Additionally, many commercial TVs also include a built-in DVB-T2/C/S2 tuner, which gives you fast access to the Freesat network with over 200+ TV and radio channels, including HD channels.

Commercial TVs also include faster processors and faster reacting screens so your customers will never miss a moment of the action. Plus, if you choose a TV with the latest Nano Crystal technology and Auto Depth Enhancer you’ll see the action with 64x more colour, 2.5x the brightness and 2x deeper blacks than other HD screens.

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Features for business

Other features that you’ll see on commercial TVs that don’t appear on conventional televisions include simple-to-use screen management, which allows you to send messages, and manage the features, content and channels remotely – on individual sets or groups of TVs – via regular network cables. However, if you don’t have a network, the device-cloning feature allows you to customise a TV and copy the settings to other TVs, using a USB memory stick.

Whether you want your customers or clients to enjoy all the sporting action over the summer, or you’re looking to enhance a reception space, office environment, or update your current TVs we can help.

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